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Jameson Young

Daz Poser Sex Animations __EXCLUSIVE__

As I said I do a lot of animations, and I tried most of the softwares you named. They are good but DAZ Studio has everything I need to make my stuff. Using DAZ Studio for animations is a bit confusing at first but once you grasp it, everything goes smoothly and good. And some of the bugs which pesters latest versions (I'm using makes things a bit harder, but still DAZ Studio is agreat software for animations.

Daz Poser Sex Animations

nobody disputes that, your animation is nice and so are Ivy's it's just much easier and faster to do elsewhere, even I if so inclined could do hour long iClone or Unreal animations each day on my rig, I just lack the creativity to do so.

I've been using daz studio for animation for about 12 years. and Yes you can animate with daz studio very well. its not easy. But no animation software really is . its the learning curve that gets me,. IMO Daz Studio give me pretty good results for what I am using it for. which is 3d animations.

The reason know one has seen any new animations from me lately, is because the last couple of months I have been making and selling 3D Adult Animations on a number of 3d adult sites. which I am not allowed post here unfortunately.. & yes I use just daz studio for my adult animation, with dforce & spring dynamics for soft body physics & dynamic hair movements & I am getting great results, other wise I would not be staying so busy,. I figured that over the years and the amount I have invested in daz 3d content and time learning how to use it creatively in animation.. it was about time to put my skills to good use & stop talking about it.

I have seen people brag about making animations using this High-end 3d app or that low-end 3d software. that does not pay them any more than what I was making posting YouTube videos. So for me really if after the amount of time I have been creating animation & all am doing is posting YouTube videos & getting criticized for my efforts because they were daz. thats just crazy. I never understood what does it matter if someone is using daz studio for their method to create animation?. how does that make using daz studio a bad choice if its working for them?

Then I got pulled into the adult animations business. It started out innocently enough just making animated presets and few scenes and now I am up to making full 15 minute adult3d films using ?!! Yup you guessed it just daz studio & it has turned into loads of fun & I make pretty good money doing it for my efforts. with some pretty good feed back for my efforts. Its seems this is where my nitch is.

BTW, Sex sells , there is a huge market for Adult3d animated content. it been keeping me very busy the last couple of months, It maybe not a course in my art career I had planned on taking . But the money is to good & steady to pass up & daz studio fits this adult 3d market the best for me with ready made content and 12 plus years experience in animating with daz studio.Add poser pro, GOz & a Bridge to Blender to use for corrects in some of my complex animated frames. its a good combinations for animation.

The big take away with any animation using daz studio is it takes some old school animation skills The one frame at a time method for keyframe editing,.. mostly because the timeline is so old school. Add in tons and tons of patients and a bunch of Hardware modifications to render Iray & you can make animations and make money all day long using daz studio. Anyone that says you can't don't know what they are talking about...

First, @Ivy, congrats on finally making some money from your efforts. Adult animations ... why not? I would not be surprised to learn that the number one use for DAZ Studio and its content is of the adult nature.

Anyhow, to animations in DAZ Studio. I have never produced anything more complicated than simple animated loops because I couldn't be bothered to wait for days to render a few hundred frames. Now that I have a better GPU (RTX 3090, no less) I am tempted to be more adventurous but I am a little stuck. I have tried using the pinning tools but I can't get them to behave. Either IK or Active Pose seem to easily reach the point where feet and arms start moving wildly and past that point all sorts of contortions happen.

That is why I had mentioned you really have to have some old school film & animating skills to use daz studio. Because I am not saying someone should not try or use other types of 3d apps for animations. I'm just saying you can animate with daz studio. each app has its place. If your looking to make a Disney film then daz studio is properly not going to be your first choice for software. and you will properly need a huge studio of people to help you. But to make a 1080p HD adult 3D animated film!? then. Daz is prefect for a sigle artist to produce films. It maybe even better than using Autodesk or Unity for cost effectiveness for not having to buy a app subscriptions & having ready use out of the box daz iray assets that can be used over and over. Daz Studio as far as I am concerned was made for the adult animation industry,...

I know what you mean about cost .. animation libraries for Maya is ridiculous. I only make these for fun so I'm not really going to put that much money into extra software to make mocaps for daz studio. I'm only using daz and poser software, and like you do, I use what is available to work with for those programs . if i have the time i like trying to hand key frameing that's fun too. But time consuming. :) if i was making money off these animation then i might put more into it. But for a YouTube animation there good enough for me Did you ever notice how many people think they are a expert on animation but never have any videos of their own to show their creating animation with Daz and Poser is not that easy and very resource intesive on a PC

Thank you Steve for the nice comment This version of Karate girl was rendered in Poser pro, and it was my first g2f female animation in poseri had to make transparency maps to fix the poke through on the sunny bathing suit, I wish g2f was easier to work with.also the dynamic water in poser would not take the shadows right, it seemed it kept changing color on but over all not bad for a 2 minute film with g2f.BTW that was a pretty exciting film clip you posted lots of great action scenes :)

Thanks bigh. it was my first g2f character not easy to work with in poserI on the other-hand like it very much, cute, lots of attention to detail esp the breathing morphI shall refrain from sharing my views on Bigh's stuff except to say his views on mine are prob the same :lol:

One thing I have to say is that i am starting to learn how to get g2f to work in poser animation now that i know how to get around the poke through issue somewhat and its work with the Sub-Division pretty good. I have been playing around trying to get g2f to work within poser physics so i can apply the soft body tissue movements that is even more poke through to deal So maybe after i master g2f in poser maybe i get get it to work in Daz as well. :)

Thank you very much Jeff for the sweet comment. I can make animations much better in poser than Daz , maybe just because i am more experienced using poser.I don't if you noticed but this was my first G2F in a poser animation , she didn't have much of a part but i'm getting there. :)

Thank you Jeff. with practice i am sure I'll get a little better at g2f the trick of having to make the transparency maps for the characters to eliminate the poke through seems to be the ticket , it just take a little time making them in order to make it work right., hopefully in time more products will be developed for daz studio for animation, i really miss my particle FX tools and i have had no luck to get my partical plugin to work in 64 byteSo in the mean time poser will do ,and i can still use all my older fx tools as well which has been good as well.

I have always taken advantage of the early adopters programs for poser where i can get it at 80% off which is the only way I could afford to keep my poser up to date other wise I'd be using older versions as well. i think got a add though for a July special to get pp2014 for 60% or 70% off at $199.but that is still pretty steep when you need to pay import things first like food and electricity. I think that is why i have slowed my buying downI was going to buy some new models the other day there was some really nice stuff i seenBut I invested in a good deal of silver bullion & junk silver coins instead. I had been having this weird dream lately that i may need it in the future. so i taking it as some kind of a omen. I'm weird like


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