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Absolute Database 7.90 D7-D10.2 Full Source

Absolute Database 7.90 D7-D10.2 Full Source: The Ultimate Embedded Database for Delphi Developers

If you are looking for a fast, reliable and easy-to-use database engine for your Delphi applications, you should consider Absolute Database 7.90 D7-D10.2 Full Source. This is a BDE replacement that lets you forget the Borland Database Engine (BDE) and its DLLs. Absolute Database compiles right into your EXE, making your application faster and smaller. It also supports SQL'92 standard, single-file database format, strong encryption, BLOB compression, in-memory tables and many more features.

Absolute Database 7.90 D7-D10.2 Full Source

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What is Absolute Database?

Absolute Database is a Delphi database engine that provides a high-level interface to manipulate data using SQL commands. It supports both single-user and multi-user mode, with automatic record and table locking, transactions and concurrent connections. Absolute Database does not require any external libraries or drivers, it is fully self-contained and can be deployed with a single EXE file.

What are the benefits of Absolute Database?

Some of the benefits of using Absolute Database are:

  • No BDE, no DLLs: You don't need to install or configure anything, just add the database engine units to your project and you are ready to go.

  • Single-file database: You can store your data in a single file that can be easily copied, backed up or merged with your application EXE file.

  • SQL'92 support: You can use standard SQL syntax to create, modify and query your data, with support for most of the arithmetic, logical, date-time and string functions and operators.

  • High speed: Absolute Database has a sophisticated cache management and buffering architecture, a fast B*-Tree index algorithm and an optimized SQL query and filter optimizer that make it perform well on thousands and millions of records.

  • Strong encryption: You can protect your data with AES-256 encryption algorithm that is virtually unbreakable.

  • BLOB compression: You can save disk space and improve performance by compressing your large binary data fields with ZLib compression algorithm.

  • In-memory tables: You can create temporary tables in memory for fast operations with data loaded into memory.

  • Royalty-free distribution: You can distribute your applications that use Absolute Database without paying any additional fees or royalties.

  • Full source code available: You can purchase the full source code of Absolute Database and customize it to suit your needs.

How to use Absolute Database?

To use Absolute Database in your Delphi projects, you need to follow these steps:

  • Add the database engine units (abscmds.pas, absdb.pas, absdbcommon.pas, absdbutil.pas) to your project.

  • Create a TAbsDatabase component on your form or data module and set its DatabaseName property to the name of your database file. If the file does not exist, it will be created automatically.

  • Create one or more TAbsTable components on your form or data module and set their DatabaseName property to the same value as the TAbsDatabase component. Set their TableName property to the name of the table you want to access or create. If the table does not exist, it will be created automatically.

  • Use the TAbsTable methods and properties to manipulate your data, such as Open, Close, Append, Edit, Post, Delete, Locate, Filter etc.

  • Use the TAbsQuery component to execute SQL commands on your database. Set its DatabaseName property to the same value as the TAbsDatabase component. Set its SQL property to the SQL statement you want to execute. Use the ExecSQL method to execute non-select statements (such as INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) or use the Open method to execute select statements (such as SELECT) and access the result set.

For more details and examples on how to use Absolute Database, please refer to the documentation and demos included with the product.

How to upgrade to Absolute Database 7.90 D7-D10.2 Full Source?

If you are already using an older version of Absolute Database, you can easily upgrade to the latest version 7.90 D7-D10.2 Full Source. All you need to do is:

  • Download the latest version of Absolute Database from the official website or from your customer area.