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Edward Ovchinnikov

UnleashedFringe : Season 1 Episode 16

This episode was so fantastic! Walter makes me fall in love with hi in every episode haha! And it was so nice to finally have Charlie taking on a bigger part because Kirk Acevedo is such a talented actor. Nice to see him flex his acting muscles there. Speaking of which, they finally gave Peter something more to do! What a relief! Although I'm sure what brought on his drop-of-a-hat moodiness at the beginning. You'd think a little midnight chat with Rachel would cheer a man up. Sheesh! But I really hope the writers stop this Peter/Rachel business soon. I know this was the first time it was blatant and obvious, but it kinda made me cringe.

UnleashedFringe : Season 1 Episode 16


Adam Morgan,Thank you for an excellent review of "Unleashed." Rufus II was wonderfully gross, and not cheesy- looking at all as I had feared.I thought Walter was THE stand-alone in this one. The most lucid and sober we've ever seen him. And compared to his outlandishness in episode 2 it was like he was his own doppelganger. I also agree that Peter's unmitigated fear for Walter was a brilliant moment. A manticore? I was at the "Myths and Legends" exhibit in Boston a few weeks ago, and I sure wish I had been paying more attention! The chupacabra there bore an uncanny resemblance to Marshall Bowman's creature, but I can barely remember the manticore!I highly recommend that exhibit if it comes to Chicago. JR Orci and company would absolutely love it too if it traveled to LA. They'd fill up many notebooks with all of the creatures presented there.

I loved this episode. However, my husband and I both saw similarities to this episode and the Flukeworm episode from the X-files. I love the X-Files. I think this show keeps getting better, I just hope they don't copy too much from X-files.

I finally was able to watch Unleashed tonight, and I loved it. I agree with your comment about how Fringe's stand-alone episodes have gotten amazing. Both Inner Child and Unleashed were wonderful episodes, even though they were very different.Also, I think that in your "Stray Thoughts" section from here on out, you should post the solution to the code for the episode. That way, we can each confirm it and then work together to see if it fits a sentence.

But why Walter in 115? He didn't appear to be the theme. Are they just spelling out the character names for lack of something better now? In fact, Walter seemed to have less of a role in 115 than in most episodes. Unless it's a hint that he has some sort of connection to the Observers. I mean, other than that he owed one a favor someday for saving him and his son.

I'm not sure they link to each episode. I mean "observer" for episode 1 doesn't seem right. But I'm sure that when the season is over, we can form a sentence using those words that will probably give us a new clue.

Wow, thanks for cracking the code .... I am starting to think that if we collect code words for all 22 episodes, we might be able to come up with a sentence that will point us towards the great myth behind FRINGE ....

I wanted to use the solution as my wallpaper, so I made some assumptions about the missing letters and threw a couple together. Here's a couple links if anyone else is interested.4:3 Wallpaper :9 Wallpaper (same as the 4:3 but with the plaintext words from each episode on the sides) 'll finish filling in the words as the season finishes, so if you'd like the updated versions, let me know.

4 symbols just flashed by in a couple seconds of the season finale commercial during House. My DVR is clunky and I didn't catch where the dots were but it was the hand with the fingers to the left, a leaf, a big apple, a smaller apple. 041b061a72


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