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Gun Gun Pixies Download LINK PC Game

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Gun gun pixies Download PC Game

Gun Gun Pixies system requirements state that you will need at least 4 GB of RAM. You will need at least 4 GB of free disk space to install Gun Gun Pixies. To play Gun Gun Pixies you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core i5-650. Whereas, an Intel Core i7-8700 is recommended in order to run it. Provided that you have at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 graphics card you can play the game. Furthermore, an AMD Radeon RX550 is recommended in order to run Gun Gun Pixies with the highest settings.

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In a unique spin on third-person shooter, it will be up to you to infiltrate a college girls' dormitory and research human behaviour by shooting them with Happy Bullets! Be stealthy and defeat squids and bosses as you help the two pixies complete their missions and save the planet.

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Gun Gun Pixies is a shooter-platformer third-person game title for PC and Nintendo Switch. This title is about a miniature aliens duo who is trying to learn human behavior by sneaking into a girl's dorm. It is just silly and racy. In this title, you could expect lots of panty shots and censored nudity. You should expect at least that from a game of PQube. What surprised me in this game is the beginning tale about too much diet.

This title is at the same time a story of that dorm's inhabitants. We get to meet the sisters Kira and Misa Torii. There are also the sisters' friend - the cute Amayo Sato. Three of them live together right in the operation base of the pixies. While the pixies' mission is to observe the human, Bee-tan could not help it to get right into the middle of the drama of the girls' lives.

The first mission in this game starts with a really weird, sickly-sweet aroma permeating the whole dorm. The human doesn't know where that smell originates from. Still, it is really bothersome. The duo decides to step in and investigate.

Get into the room of Amayo; the pixies duo also found a trash can full of wrappers. Because of wanting to be slim, Amayo has stopped eating and living off diet gum. That is not good at all. The pixies duo take this news seriously.

This event leads to the opening of the game. Amayo thinks that she has to exercise before eating, or she would become overweight. Therefore, she gets the yoga gear out and starts to work out furiously. Now it is Kame-pom and Bee-tan mission to use happy bullets to end this episode.

With a panicking Amayo, the duo does not have to care about being seen or making noise. They have to dodge and fire at the emotions, bad and good, overflowing from Amayo. If they are hit, they will lose one or two items of their clothing, yes it is that type of game. But a little bit of censored nudity is not essential when human life is at risk.

It is a nifty story to begin the game with. Tackling a very sensitive subject with the amount of sensitivity and tact that a video game about horny alien could muster. The title kinda sounds wholesome, isn't it? It is really not.

The upskirts in this game never end. Our Bee-tan constantly overwhelmed by the thirst for furniture, chewing gum, her partner, human women, or anything in her eyesight. If you could calm Amayo down completely, the reward is a sexy bathing scene.

This title does not try to hide at all what it truly is. Compile Heart is great at making pervy and quirky adventures such as this game. I love this game because it allows me to play at a tiny character in a huge world.

Tiny but mighty aliens have come to Earth to learn about humans and save their own mother world! In a unique spin on third-person shooter, it will be up to you to infiltrate a college girls' dormitory and research human behaviour by shooting them with Happy Bullets - in their rooms, or in their baths! Be stealthy and defeat squids and bosses as you help the two pixies complete their missions and repair the social issues on their owm planet Pandemo!KEY FEATURESSave the world!When their home planet Pandemo comes under attack, Usamaeru and Kamerieru travel to earth to study humans and learn enough to save their home.Oh No, Giant Girls Everywhere!The Pixies infiltrate a girl's dormitory where everything is giant, including the girls they've come to study!It's a Third-Person Shooter... With A Twist!Your weapons are loaded with Happy Bullets with positive effects! Use them to gather information from the girls.Exploration GaloreAs you roam through the rooms you'll come across strange objects (including squids!) and challenges as you play through the storyReady for ActionEach character has a set weapon type, handgun or assault rifle! Choose wisely!Three Stage Types"Search & Combat", "Pacification" and "Bathing", each with a different objective!Sniper Vantage PointsEvery stage has Sniper Vantage Points, where your bullets drastically increase in power!Stealth is KeyThe girls must NEVER find you! Make sure to watch the Sight and Listen gauges so they don't catch you...Go Shopping!Get new scopes, weapons, and costumes for the pixies to wear!Gun Gun Pixies is set in a fictionalised depiction. The characters depicted in Gun Gun Pixies are 18 years old. Any names, characters, organizations, locations and events are either imaginary or depicted in a fictionalized manner.

Damn, you guys always hate on anime games, unless they have Nintendo slapped on them or are from bigger companies.This review is just trashing because the reviewer doesn't like the genre.And this is why, gentlemen, I never look at reviews when I'm buying my games. My game library would be 1/3 of what it is now if I were to listen to reviewers.

And trust me, I love me some anime tiddies. But there are a lot better games to get those than this. I think 5 or 6 would be more fair. 3 makes it seem like it's its barely even playable which it's not.

Got the game a few days ago. Yet to play it, but sounds very fun and totally my kinda thing! And not put off at all, I can live with the gameplay being a bit funky if its true. Despite negative reviews, pretty much every ecchi games I own has been great.

@Aquamine-Amarine Bad behaviour? Whatever your thoughts on the whole keyboard warrior group are, it's hard to say that #MeToo and the like are a bad thing considering that it's exposed several big time predators already. These games will always exist and will always be panned by critics but it doesn't stop you playing the game.

Controls are fun to use, making very fun to zip around the giant room and shooting at obstacles or enemies (or giant girls); they are not perfect and indeed there are some serious flaws here and there (with the camera being a major culprit), but it's not bad controls as the review says, more like good fun third-person-shooting controls that for some weird reason didn't get optmized for the game they were made for.It's a major fault, but it doesn't make the game clunky or unplayable; quite the opposite it's still a working and enjoyable game, just with some issues holding back its full potential.

Overall this seems honestly a good game for what I played so far.Not a perfect game and I guess the fanservice may turn some people away, but this is definitly a fun game deserving at least a score between average and good (around 7 I guess?); what this game is NOT for sure however is a 3 or in any way a bad game.

@nessisonett Maybe he's thinking about attitude those people have toward this sorta games? The attitude some people have toward ecchi games is getting very grating sometimes. Don't like the ecchi? Absolutely fine. Feel free to say you don't. But saying I "offend myself" by playing this game or acting like everyone who like this sorta thing are bad (not saying you do here but I have seen the attitude from people in other articles) If people stopped going to articles just to attack people the community would be likely be frendlier ^_^ 041b061a72


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