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Andre has left the building.But his HEAD Radical still plays on.The king of Radical, Andre Agassi, may have retired from professional tennis, but his racquet of choice is still swinging.And while Andre may no longer be on the tour, when he steps onto the court, he's still a Radical guy.The latest version of Andre's racquet gets updated with HEAD's new MicroGel Technology. There's also a new look to the MicroGel Radical racquets - after all, it was Andre who said, "Image is Everything."The updates are more than skin deep with the MicroGel Radical series. HEAD's MicroGel Radicals feature a MicroGel construction that, when combined with carbon composite fibers in the racquet head, deform and compress upon ball impact, uniformly absorbing and distributing the impact load around the entire frame. HEAD states the result is a rock solid feel with improved comfort at impact.As with the previous Liquidmetal Radical and Flexpoint Radical racquet lines, the MicroGel Radical comes in three versions. Andre's preferred Oversize headsize is joined again by a Midplus headsize. The third version of the MicroGel Radical, called the Pro, sees the continuation of a heavier player's spec Radical, with a 100 square-inch head and a more open 16/19 string pattern. While the heavier Radical in the Liquidmetal and Flexpoint lines was called the "Tour" version, HEAD has changed the name to "Pro" here - in keeping with its MicroGel Extreme racquets.We handed the new MicroGel Radicals over to our test team for some extensive hitting. Read on for the results of our three-week playtest.MidplusGroundstrokesOur team found lots of control hitting from the baseline with the MicroGel Radical Midplus. Finding heavy emphasis on control and comfort off the ground was Chris. "I found this to be a very control-oriented racquet from the baseline. The racquet felt very soft and forgiving. I liked the feel and felt well-connected to my shots. I found this to be the most comfortable Radical in recent memory, with a more dampened feel compared to the Liquidmetal and Flexpoint versions. Off both wings I could take big cuts at the ball without fear of over-hitting. Even with a lively multifilament string, I found a ton of control with this racquet. To get some added pop, I'd be looking to string this one at the low end of the recommended tension range." Also enjoying the controlled response of the racquet was Jason. "A very solid feeling racquet off the ground. I really enjoyed the control this racquet offered. Even with the tighter string pattern, I felt that the racquet generated a good amount of spin. Keeping the ball in play was not a problem, but at times I couldn't get the ball as deep into the backcourt as I wanted. Control was great! When going for the big shots, I never felt the ball would fly. This MicroGel version of the Radical Midplus also offered great feel and feedback."Finding a solid response from the racquet was Spencer. "A nice solid feel on groundstrokes. The tight string pattern offered nice control, though I had a little trouble finding depth on my shots. I also didn't get as much spin as I would have liked." Granville found an appealing response from the MicroGel Radical. "The Microgel Radical Midplus felt good in my hand. I liked the balance and soft flex. It felt very maneuverable, with a solid response. It did not offer the 'crisp' response that I find with my regular racquet, unless I struck the ball perfectly. I found that I really needed to watch the ball very closely to find the sweetspot. Overall, though, I found this Radical very appealing." Enjoying the control, but left wanting for spin was Ryan K. "I was able to get a good amount of control with the Microgel Radical Midplus. It felt comfortable to hit with, but it took some time for me to be able to hit a fair amount of topspin with it. I was able to really place my shots, but I felt like I had to put too much effort into getting the topspin I wanted. It was hard to find the spin that I usually get with my racquet. I really didn't feel much extra pop on this racquet, either."Volleys Our team enjoyed lots of feel and control with the MicroGel Radical Midplus at net. Finding some pinpoint accuracy on his touch volleys was Spencer. "I enjoyed the feel of this racquet at net. I liked it most with the more delicate touch volleys. I didn't have as much confidence when trying to put volleys away, and felt any off-center shots were affected by a little instability." Also feeling well-connected to his volleys with the MicroGel Radical Midplus was Granville. "This one was perhaps the least forgiving racquet at net between the three iterations, but I liked the response best. I found some very precise action from the stringbed and good feel. I still need more time with this to make the most of what it has to offer."Finding the racquet to be crisp and maneuverable at net was Ryan K. "Volleys were very crisp with this racquet. The Microgel Radical Midplus also had excellent maneuverability at net. The high level of comfort only improved the feel for me on volleys." Jason was getting the job done at net with the MicroGel Radical Midplus. "Maneuverable and solid. For the most part, getting the racquet to go where it needed to and getting the ball back over the net was not a problem. Volleying hard-hit shots is where I felt the racquet had some torsional stability problems. Overall though, this racquet can get the job done and get it done well at net." Finding lots of control at net was Chris "This racquet felt very soft and forgiving on volleys. Again, I had no issues with hitting long and lots of control to find the short angles. I was impressed by the comfort, and the racquet offered a very dampened feel. There was enough feedback for me to find my spots on touch shots, but I felt the response was much more dampened than buttery."Serves When stepping up to serve, our team found lots of control and consistency with the MicroGel Radical Midplus. Granville quickly dialed in his targeting on serves. "The Microgel Radical Midplus has a very precise feel when serving. I had the sense I could place the ball on a dime. The other side of that coin is the inherent lack of power with the racquet." Finding lots of control on serves was Ryan K. "I felt comfortable serving with the Microgel Radical Midplus, but it lacked extra pop. I had to supply my own power, but it felt really solid."Jason found a controlled response when serving with the MicroGel Radical Midplus. "The control was good. I could get the ball in the direction I wanted it to go, but I felt a lack of power. It just seemed as if my serves were lacking some zip. Hitting 2nd serve slices was not a problem. I found the level of spin was more than adequate with this racquet." Finding plenty of bite from the stringbed of the racquet was Chris. "I was serving consistently with this racquet and had no trouble finding my targets. Pace was OK, but I was much more impressed with the spin and control. The racquet felt somewhat low-powered so I concentrated on placement and variety over pace. As from other areas of the court, I found plenty of bite from the stringbed. I felt confident going all out on second serves without fear of hitting long." A solid sense of directional control impressed Spencer on serve. "I would say the Microgel Radical Midplus is the least powerful of the Microgel Radicals. Direction and control were good, although I wasn't getting the desired result when it came to spin."Serve Returns The comfortable and control oriented response continued to impress our team when returning. When it came to shot selection, Jason found lots of variety while returning serve. "Because this racquet is fairly stable and maneuverable, it opened up some options on returns. Against big first serves, blocking the ball back was easily done, and on second serves I could really take a nice full swing at the ball from either the forehand or backhand side." Ryan K was also taking a good cut at the ball with the MicroGel Radical Midplus. "On most of my returns I was able to rip my returns back with this racquet. Finding the sweetspot was very easy and effective, although adding a good amount of topspin took some time."Finding a demanding response from the racquet when returning was Granville. "Good stroke production is critical to maximize returns with the Midplus. I was able to drive the ball effectively when prepared." Spencer found an easier time on return with the MicroGel Radical Midplus. "A pretty easy stick to return with. If I had one complaint with returning serve it would be lack of depth. It was more difficult to get returns back deep with any consistency."Said Chris, "I really felt like I maximized the control and response of this racquet on returns. I was able to play aggressively with this stick and still be consistent. I wasn't blowing returns past my opponents like I can with my regular stick, but my control and placement was strong. I especially liked the control on chip and slice returns. I was able to drop the ball low to the serve and volley player's feet, then move in and finish them with a forehand - lots of fun."Overall We found lots of control with the MicroGel Radical Midplus from all areas of the court. The level of comfort at contact was also very impressive. Most racquets offering a high level of comfort sacrifice feel. There's no loss of feel with the MicroGel Radical Midplus, and our team found this one a solid performer when it came to shot targeting and touch play. The traditional 18/20 Radical stringbed seemed to add to the sense of control, and our team felt confident with this stick during aggressive exchanges. Getting power from the racquet was up to the playtester and good stroke technique was required for heavy hitting. As with previous Radicals, we found excellent mobility and control, but with improved comfort and a softer feel. A solid hitting racquet, this one's a solid update to the Radical line and well worth a demo.Last Shots from our playtestersGranville "A very comfortable racquet with wide appeal. If you are looking for a 'scalpel' type racquet with a lighter swingweight, then you need not look any further."Ryan K. "A solid racquet for a 4.0+ player. I would recommend this for a player looking for maximum control and good comfort for the arm. A definite improvement over the Flexpoint."Jason "Since my regular racquet is the Head Flexpoint Radical Midplus, I was both excited and leery to try out its successor. But after some extensive on court playing time with the Microgel Radical Midplus my skepticism was put to rest. I really enjoyed the control, feel and feedback from this racquet. It offers a different type of feel compared to the previous Flexpoint version. I thought this was a solid weapon on all shots and areas of the court. I will definitely be upgrading to the Microgel Radical in the near future."Chris "A very confidence inspiring racquet. Even though I didn't hit the ball as big with this racquet as with my regular racquet, the level of control made it a "no adjustment needed" stick for me."Spencer "I felt very comfortable with this racquet in my hand. I enjoyed the feel of it, but the results weren't as appealing as with the Pro."Head MicroGel Radical MP scores(Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores) Technical SpecificationsLength27 inches69 centimetersHead Size98 square inches632 square centimetersWeight11 ounces312 gramsBalance Point13.25 inches34 centimeters2pts Head LightConstruction21 mm Straight BeamCompositionMicrogel / GraphiteString Pattern18 Mains / 20 Crosses Babolat RDC RatingsScoreGradeFlex Rating57Range: 0-100Swing Weight315Range: 200-400OversizeGroundstrokes Our team found plenty of forgiveness in the 107 square-inch head of the MicroGel Radical Oversize. Granville was impressed with the all court performance on groundstrokes. "This is one of the nicest hitting oversize racquets on the market. Nice soft feel with a lively stringbed. This one was the best 'pocketing' stick of the three choices. Good depth on my groundies and the soft feel and flex to mix it up a bit with some slice cross court shots and some big shots down either line. It's the kind of racquet that feels better the more you play with it. I didn't experience overwhelming power, but I did get good pace when I wanted it or needed it." Jason enjoyed the power and depth he found with the MicroGel Radical Oversize. "I found all the good things from the Microgel Radical Midplus and a little more. The Oversize version had two things going for it that the Microgel Radical Midplus lacked. For one, it was more forgiving. Off-center shots still had decent pace, and while often 'framed' on the Microgel Radical Midplus, ended up on the strings with the Oversize. More importantly, the Oversize version provided more depth and power. I noticed my shots ending up closer to the baseline, therefore providing a tougher shot for my opponent."Spencer liked the large sweetspot he found on the MicroGel Radical Oversize. "Consistent is the word I would use to describe this racquet from the baseline. A big hoop and sweetspot kept my shots on line with both centered and off-center hits. Having a little more pop than the Microgel Radical Midplus, shot depth was good as well as overall pace. If there was one thing that lacked in my opinion, it was feel."Ryan K agreed. "I preferred hitting with the Oversize over the Microgel Radical Midplus. I always found the sweetspot and had excellent results hitting topspin. The only thing I would change with this racquet would be to add some weight evenly over this frame."Chris appreciated the comfortable feel of the Oversize. "I was impressed by the very forgiving response of this racquet. Comfort was great. The feel from the racquet was soft and dampened. The power from the sweetspot was very impressive and I was able to generate lots of pace off the ground with this stick. I liked the response from this racquet hitting both my one-handed and two-handed backhands. I was able to get some nice spin with both and plenty of depth. When hitting with slice, there was lots of feel to gauge both the depth and direction of my shots. While this one felt a long way from the Radicals of old, such as the Limited Edition version currently available, the Microgel Radical Oversize was in keeping with more recent Oversize offerings like the Liquidmetal and Flexpoint versions - but with some added comfort thrown in."Volleys Our team felt the large stringbed of the MicroGel Radical Oversize made for some consistent hitting at net. Chris was impressed with the response of the racquet. "I liked this racquet a lot at net. There was plenty of feel and I had the sense the stringbed was pocketing the ball well. This racquet also felt light and very easy to maneuver. I was able to react well with it as well as take advantage of the mobility when looking to flick a short angled volley." Granville added, "I found a very nice and soft feel at net. I was also impressed by the maneuverability of the racquet when volleying."The extra pop the Oversize provided was a nice asset for Jason. "No surprises here, the Oversized head provided better coverage than the Microgel Radical Midplus. What was also a plus was the additional power. I could really put some pace on the ball and occasionally, turn a returnable volley into an outright winner." Spencer liked the forgiveness at net. "I felt pretty comfortable volleying with this one. Easy maneuverability with a large sweetspot, it wasn't difficult to get the stringbed on the ball."The MicroGel Radical Oversize lacked feel, but was still effective at the net for Ryan K. "The Oversize was a large target for those midrange volleys at the net, but lacked for me in the touch and feel department. This was my least favorite shot with this racquet, but I still managed to be effective, although it didn't have the solid feel of the Microgel Radical Midplus."Serves Control and consistency were evident when serving with the MicroGel Radical Oversize. Ryan K liked the power he found with the racquet. "I was able to get a good amount of pace on my first serves and the slice I need on my second. I loved serving with the Oversize and found it more controllable than the more head heavy racquets in this size." Chris reveled in mixing up his serves, as he felt confident with several options. "Another shot I liked hitting with this stick was the serve. Power was impressive and the racquet came through the contact zone nicely. I felt like I had plenty of options with the pace and spin I found with this stick. Both first and second serves were firing nicely during this playtest."Getting some good velocity on serve was Granville. "I served well with this racquet, especially when hitting my slice serves. I think the Oversize offered the most power when it came to serving." As with the Midplus, Jason enjoyed the control but felt the power lacked. "I was a bit disappointed when serving with this racquet. I was expecting more power than I found. The pace seemed identical to that of the Microgel Radical Midplus. In this category, between the two different sized frames, I would declare a draw." Spencer had a similar response. "I thought serving with this racquet was good, not great. Though the power was sufficient, I must say I was expecting more. Control and spin were consistent though."Serve ReturnsThe mobility and 107sq. inch headsize of the MicroGel Radical Oversize led to confident returning for our test team. Spencer was more self-assured when returning serve with this one. "Consistency once again is the word I would use in this category. Quite an easy racquet to return serves with. Whether I was blocking back a serve or taking a good crack at one, I felt confident." Granville enjoyed various options with this racquet when returning. "The generous headsize of the racquet seemed to provide some added security when playing against a big server. I was both blocking the ball effectively when on defense as well as taking full swings to drive the ball down the line or cross court."Ryan K was delighted with the feedback from this racquet. "The response was excellent on the serve returns. I was surprised on the level of comfort on the serve returns. I thought this one provided a noticeable improvement over the Flexpoint model." Chris was able to control the power of his returns with spin. "The mobile feel was great on returns. Again, I found the racquet to respond with good comfort. I was able to get lots of power from the sweetspot and tended to hit long if I came through the ball too flatly. When I hit with spin, my accuracy improved greatly and I was able to take a good cut at the ball."Having more success with defensive returns was Jason. "I found good maneuverability from this one for an oversized racquet. Blocking shots back and taking big cuts at a slow second serve was easy, but I noticed this racquet being a bit sluggish when trying to attack a big serve. I liked the MicroGel Radical Midplus version better for returning serves."Overall The MicroGel Radical Oversize offers a very forgiving and comfortable hit, well suited to intermediate to advanced players. Those looking for a high level of mobility, easy access to spin, and some useful power from all areas of the court should take a close look at this one. Our testers found some nice feel and a solid sense of ball pocketing on touch shots - especially at net. All in all, this one is a sol


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