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Cross-Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking And Contemporary Applications, Sixth Edition Books Pdf LINK

Dynamic author team provides comprehensive overview with focus on critical-thinking. The fifth edition continues a heavy focus on applying critical thinking framework in examining, analyzing, and evaluating psychological data. With significant rewriting and additional new topics as well as updated references on new research, Cross-Cultural Psychology keeps pace with the rapidly changing conditions of modern times. The dynamic team from two different worlds bring a unique set of experiences and perceptions in writing this book. Eric Shiraev was raised in the city of Leningrad in the former Soviet Union and David Levy is from Southern California,. Between the diverse backgrounds and having each author spent an extended period teaching in the other's home country, the authors provide a comprehensive review of theories and research in cross-cultural psychology. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers should be able to:

Cross-Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications, Sixth Edition books pdf

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The thesis of empirical subject-specificity raises the general problemof transfer. If critical thinking abilities and dispositions have tobe developed independently in each school subject, how are they of anyuse in dealing with the problems of everyday life and the politicaland social issues of contemporary society, most of which do not fitinto the framework of a traditional school subject? Proponents ofempirical subject-specificity tend to argue that transfer is morelikely to occur if there is critical thinking instruction in a varietyof domains, with explicit attention to dispositions and abilities thatcut across domains. But evidence for this claim is scanty. There is aneed for well-designed empirical studies that investigate theconditions that make transfer more likely.

This course is a survey of selected art and design from diverse cultures - prehistory to the present. Students explore basic art history methods of formal, stylistic, and iconographic analysis and practice skills needed to develop critical looking and thinking. Emphasis placed on the relationships between artifacts and cultures, and how the production of art and design is a form of human world knowledge. Themes include the role of the artist and designer over time, techniques and materials as technological advancements, the social and religious context of art, how art history influences contemporary images and photography, and how to apply art history analysis skills to interpreting contemporary media images. Offered Fall.

Social analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving are introduced as basic social science skills. These skills are applied to major contemporary social problems related to deviant behavior, social inequality, social change, and problems associated with major societal institutions. A variety of individual and collective responses and social policy strategies at local, national, and international levels are examined. Offered Fall.


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