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Sarkar 3 In Hindi Movie [TOP]

Most importantly, while the first two movies stood out for the racy narrative and brilliant twists, Sarkar 3 is marred by its extremely slow pace especially in the first half. Though things do pick up post-interval ending in an intriguing climax the final product sadly falls short of being the dark thriller it was touted to be!

Sarkar 3 In Hindi Movie

In an interview with a leading daily, Big B was asked about RGV saying that if Amitabh hadn't agreed to play Sarkar on screen, he wouldn't have done the film. Big B said, "He is being too generous. Sarkar (2005) was my first film with Ramu, but even before it was made, I was always appreciative of his work. It was Abhishek who initiated the idea for Sarkar 3. Ramu and I kept meeting over the years and talking about it. We would discuss various aspects of life and movies and I would chat with him about palace politics. For instance, even in a king's home, there must be disturbances and domestic problems. We always wondered that if the king was emotionally upset about his personal issues and he had to make a decision that would impact the lives of others, would his choices be ridden by his emotional conflict."

This is the first time he was interviewed by his film's director Ram Gopal Varma. He said, "I talk to all my directors about my movies and other films, which often leads to a healthy debate. For the first time, I was interviewed by my director (RGV) and it was filmed. I think a general interview makes for good reading, but there isn't any kind of documentation of facts and stories that go beyond the actor. I lament that and I feel that we are not leaving anything for posterity .I would love to know what went through Dilip (Kumar) saab's mind when he was doing Devdas (1955), how he prepared himself to say those lines in the way he did. What was Guru Dutt thinking when he was making Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959), which, according to me, is his most brilliant work... I would love to know why he used a certain kind of lighting or why he used a crane for a certain scene."


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