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Disney S Donald Duck - Goin Quackers Pc Game Free Download.exe [Extra Quality]

Donald Duck is a classical 3D platform where the gameplay is actually 2D and just the views are 3D looking like. Half of the levels are seen from Donald's shoulders, whilst another half has camera on the side of the action like most classic platformers. The level with shoulder camera scrolls across the Z axis, and as far as I know this is the only game to feature such an original scrolling idea, well, though it's like playing Mario 3D without being free to go right or left, only predefined path. The levels are full of stars, one hundred stars of course means a new life. Together with stars across the levels you will be collecting toys belonging to your lovely three nephew (of course the wizard did steal them) and ice-cream-looking-alike powerups that will get you a super Donald duck (just faster and with auto-punch on). The game plays great, first levels are easy whilst last are pretty hard and will challenge your double jump skills and joystick coordination, still the whole game takes less than 10 hours to be beaten, taking an huge amount of points out of the total for D.D.

Disney S Donald Duck - Goin Quackers Pc Game Free Download.exe



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