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Yume Utsutsu

Understanding the ins and outs of a visual novel comes with time. Most of these games have multiple routes that lead to a true ending which might also be full of numerous romance routes. The Kogado Studio-developed yuri visual novel Yumeutsutsu Re:Masters has this format. While most would expect all plotlines to be wrapped up by the conclusion, Re:Masters sadly gets lost in its own story development, which ends up hurting some of its more exceptional features.

Yume Utsutsu

Yumeutsutsu Re:Unification: Follow Ai and Kokoro as they find themselves in charge of the creation of a fan disc for their succesful game. This time, Ai is tasked with the SD arts, while Kororo is tasked with the plot!

  • Arc Villain : Apart from Saki's route, each route has a unique Big Bad. Kokoro's route has the Real Ai Otori who tries to stop Ai and Kokoro from finishing NieMajo. Nana's route has Nana's stepmother who uses Nana as a model to make money on her. Marie's route has the anti-governement group, whom Marie has inflitrate under the governement's orders to finish her sister's mission.

  • The sequel has the Editor in Nana's story, who is in love with Nana and though her love was reciprocated, which makes her stalk Nana.

  • Beach Episode : One day, all the team go to the Beach under Honoka's orders. Ai will then have to choose which one of the girl is prettier in a swimsuit and the winner earns the right to pass a good time with Ai.

  • Benevolent Boss : Honoka is a good example of it. She is most of the time always ready to help Ai when she has problems.

  • Bittersweet Ending: The game is litteraly composed of 4 bittersweet endings. One by route. In Kokoro's Bittersweet ending, both Ai and Kokoro commit suicide.

  • In Saki's Bittersweet ending, Saki's mental age regress to a baby one. Ai then takes Saki with her in her old house in Tochigi and treats her as her baby.

  • In Nana's Bittersweet ending, Nana is broken inside because of what her stepmother did to her. She can't talk or think anymore. From there Ai takes care of her. The night it's show that Ai's love for Nana becomes a twisted one.

  • In Marie's Bittersweet ending, after Ai sacrifices herself by taking a bullet destinate to Marie. Marie is interned and under surveillance where she has a desilusion of an imaginary life with Ai.

  • Everyone Has Standards : When Ai asks to the unknown person who tries to make them stop develop the game, if he is responsible for the deadline to finish the game being shortened, he answers that he would never do something this nasty.

  • Hate Sink : Nana's stepmother is a good example of it. Having exploited Nana when she was a child for money before leaving her alone when she didn't need her anymore. She then reappears years later to convince her to come back with her and work together again. In the Bittersweet ending, this causes Nana to lost all senses of self.

  • Love Hurts : Ai loves Kokoro, but the latter doesn't want to talk to her and call her a demon for unknown reasons, which makes Ai sad. Though that doesn't stop Ai for trying to reconcile with her.

  • Multiple Endings : The game is composed of 4 Good Endings,4 Bittersweet Endings and 1 Normal Ending. The sequel has 6 ending. One for each story, exepted Honoka's Episode who has two endings.

  • Nice Girl : Ai is always gentle and willing to help anyone. Even when people are being jerk to her, such as Saki and Kokoro.

  • No Antagonist: Unlike the other routes, Saki's route has no antagonist that Ai and the others have to face and instead, they must finish NieMajo fast enough.

  • Older Than They Look : Saki Mugendo, NieMajo's writer looks like a child while she is in fact 26.

  • The Bad Guy Wins : In Kokoro's Bittersweet ending, since both Ai and Kokoro commited suicide. The Real Ai (though she is more selfish than wicked) has succeeded in her goals to stay alone with Kokoro in NieMajo's world.

  • Yuri Genre : In the world of Yumeutsutsu Re:Master, men don't exist. Every human is a female.



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