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Girl Camel Toe Pictures

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Page 1:1 A homely room, so very poor and homely! And God bless the sunshine, say I, the noble, glorious king of day that in all his greatness and splendor loves just as dearly to fling his beautiful golden beams in the humblest cottage, as in yonder great palace built of fine marble, and furnished with the richest things that money can buy. How he seemed to rejoice in reddening the posts of that old, worn bedstead, bought at the cheapest of cheap auctions -- indeed I am not sure that it had not seen the light, or rather the darkness of a good many auction-sales. Every one of the three chairs, reduced to their original color, by frequent scouring, had passed from owner to owner, and many were the stories they might have told, could they have spoken. There was just one yard of carpeting, all told, placed before the old bedstead, before spoken of, and its faded flowers revived every morning at seven, when that wonderful sunshine laid upon it, as if it had been the most beautiful rug in the city, all woven of silk and velvet. There were pictures on the walls of this poor room, and such pictures! Some people might have laughed at them, and cried out, "Oh! what a farce!" Here and there hung a fine fashion plate cut from a magazine; an illustration, coarse and common, that the torn newspapers furnished when they came into patient Tilly's hands. That was very seldom indeed. There was a little lame boy who always wore a red scarf, and who sold papers, living in the next room, which was meaner than Tilly's, who saved every picture he could find for the girl. And the mother, coarse and uncoated though she was, hunted for refuse newspapers, and happy enough she was when she could find a picture for Tilly to cut out.

Who was Tilly? I've been waiting for you to ask. Picture a saint's face that has grown holy with waiting and suffering with the meekest eyes and the sweetest smile that were ever seen in this poor wicked world, set on a poor, deformed, crooked body, forever wasting with pain and anguish, forever being tortured with some unknown, incurable disease, and you have Tilly Margery before you. Picture her bed, drawn close up to the window that looked down upon a dirty, stifled court, but at the same time permitted a glimpse, between two houses, of a green square not a dozen yards off, and part of a beautiful garden; and see the girl looking out upon this, her only glimpse of Paradise, her head propped up on pillows, a lovely smile curving her colorless lips. Tilly's mother worked like a slave for the sake of that one little bit of tender beauty that nestled in green grass and flowers. She could have had a cheaper room, on the back floor, higher up, and taken a little rest sometimes, but oh! for Tilly's sake! the child born to suffer through no fault of her own, she kept the more expensive home. She had tried all manner of loving expedients, in order that the child might be happier. A coarse curtain was drawn across the room, so that when she took in washing as she did three days in the week, Tilly should not be troubled at the sight of clothes, and the confusion incident to such labor. Ah! there was never tenderer love in the fairest and richest homes, where the petted darlings of wealth knew no wish unsatisfied, than in this poor room, looking down into the noisy, dirty court, and over at that spot of brightness and loveliness, where the colors that nature rejoices in, satisfied one pair of eyes, at least, with a sense of the beautiful.

"Mamma, just see here; I've been thinking about that dear little view there, and how good the great Father up in heaven is to have placed me where I can see it. There's a little yellow bird been flitting about from tree to tree, and it sent my thoughts up into the happy country that I love to think is full of birds and flowers. It's like a jewel between rough stones, a jewel beyond all price, that's what it is. And sometimes in that bit of beautiful garden there's a young girl comes out, always dressed in soft fine dresses, or I fancy so, and she walks among the flowers, and stoops down to them. Perhaps she kisses them -- I should -- O! how I should kiss them! I see her every day, now, and I know she is beautiful. I love her, mother, though not like you, but then I do love her, and I don't know why. Sometimes I dream of her; always, these summer days, in white, always among flowers. I don't suppose I shall ever know her."

"See, mamma, here's a poor, old, blind man with a long beard, and here's a little dog that he leads by a string, and a girl with a hood on (his granddaughter, you know), who takes the pennies and buys food for the poor old man. What a blessing that I'm not blind! Instead of that, I can see so many beautiful things, I see you --"

Page 3:25 "I'm glad you brought her," said Tilly, holding out the shadowy hand that she called so strong, wondering at the tears in Anne's eyes. "I seldom see girls of my own age, and I should think you were quite as old as I."

With a little effort the girl was lifted out of the bed, and placed in the chair. To see her glee as she found herself rolling easily over towards Anne, was something to make an angel happier. She laughed and cried, caught hold of Anne's dress and kissed it, kissed her hands, while her sweet pale face lighted up with a radiance that seemed the reflex of some shining glory, and her mother, the happiest woman at that moment in all the great city, looked on with speechless pleasure.

"She certainly will be all the better for so many cheering influences, and I am glad she proves to be so sweet and gentle a girl. I will help you take care of her, and as we have some nice soup for dinner, I will send her some. We might aid her in that way every day. Her poor mother must find it difficult to supply all her wants."

Anne considered and thought that she was almost too old for dolls. "She might, though like a very handsome one," she added. Whereupon the offers waxed liberal; a cat, a pet rabbit, a small dog, a library of picture books, a doll's house, a miniature stove, a toy-bedstead, being magnanimously sacrificed on the altar of benevolence. Anne ventured to suggest that it would not do to have too many mouths to feed, whereupon the owners of sundry pets breathed more freely; but it was voted unanimously that the next Saturday afternoon was to be spent in the room of Tilly, the invalid, provided the premises might be at their disposal. Anne herself went around to see. She found Tilly in her magical chair, making visits to all parts of the room, and claiming acquaintance with every stick of furniture. These "calls" were the girl's special delight, and as she wearied herself thoroughly, her nights were more comfortable than they had ever been.

"More than I can tell," sighed Tilly, who was quite overcome with the gratitude she felt. Then the bird was placed upon the table, and immediately set up a ravishing song, full of little cunning thrills and warblings, till it seemed as if his tiny throat must be tired; but no, no sooner was he through than at it he went again, never stopping to heed the compliments showered upon him. And presently the young girls came, one after another. One brought a beautiful picture; none came empty handed, and Tilly hardly knew herself, surrounded as she was with all these tokens of sympathy and love.

My darling, 'tis now evening; mamma and I are in our room, and the cheerful fire in the grate makes things comfortable and beautiful, in all respects but one, and that embraces a dear little girl whom I would rather embrace just now. 350c69d7ab