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BlackBerry Curve 8520 Firmware V5.0.0.1728 [VERIFIED]

[0mie] recommends bbn readers check out his page detailing this hack. its a simple step by step walk through of the process. it runs through the code, the router, and gives you the bits and bytes youll need to use the browser the way he suggests.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Firmware v5.0.0.1728

the curve 9315 has just been upgraded to blackberry os in the eu and has been upgraded to os 4.2 in north america. the general consensus is that this is an incremental upgrade, making the launch of blackberry 10 less likely than in the past. but at least the curve 9315 is now available for a more complete upgrade path, once the new os hits. its bad enough that the 8710 was released on os 4.5 back when t-mobile first announced the specs, so its good to see that customer also get the chance to enjoy 4.5

the official launch date for blackberry 10 is january 30th, 2011, but as [0mie] has already demonstrated, that wont be the case when it comes to the launch. rim is pushing the release of bb10 hard in korea, where they received approval for a beta of bb10 last week, and are expecting to have it ready for a big launch event in just a few days. however, the us has been left out in the cold, and t-mobile is leaving the upgrade process up to the carrier; android users wont be able to jump on the wagon until at least late february with a new developer hardware. rim is promising that bb10 is the future, but customers want it now; its clear rim isnt going to go out of its way to make it available to the current market. we will continue to monitor this story as its developing.

important: if you have your sim card inside the phone, you'll need to remove it before proceeding. if you cannot or have not done it, then you cannot use this firmware. so leave your sim card out of the phone, then reinsert it once the update has completed. to do this, just remove the sim card and place it somewhere safe or leave it in an envelope. you can then insert the sim card once you restart the phone. if the phone is bricked, then try another sim card, since sometimes the sim card is not compatible with the phone.


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