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Cisco 7920 Configuration Utility

So after installing the software, you have to enable USB on the 7920 (Menu->Phone Settings->USB Enable/Disable). This will then auto-install the driver for you. Then launch the utility and will assign a dhcp address to your pc nic ( and the login prompt will appear. Good luck!

cisco 7920 configuration utility

As indicated previously, the Cisco Configuration Professional Express GUI is available on the router flash memory (Figure 1). The router comes with a default configuration, and Cisco Configuration Professional Express can be accessed through a browser by using the WAN IP address.using HTTP. Cisco Configuration Professional Express provides the necessary functions to bootstrap the routers. The user interface supports basic features including different WAN and LAN interfaces, static routes, user management, Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and Hostname configurations. It also provides the ability to configure the server on the router. The capability allows the router to get the complete configuration downloaded automatically from the ready-to-use server. Savvy users of the Cisco IOS Software CLI can execute and configure the Cisco IOS Software CLI on the routers using Cisco Configuration Professional Express. In addition, Express provides basic utility tools such as ping and traceroute as basic troubleshooting tools. 350c69d7ab


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