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Buy Wine Advent Calendar [BETTER]

And as we mention in our previous reviews of the Costco wine boxes, these small bottles are super convenient when you want open a few different styles, when you just want a glass of two, or when traveling. We love to start with a white while cooking and move to a red with a meal. This is perfect for that.

buy wine advent calendar

This might be the first time we remember tasting Saperavi from Georgia. In the glass this one pours a medium purple with a dusty, earthy nose; mostly dark fruit, the wine is youthful with a little rustic undertone. Super fun to try.

I bought this from Costco in Florida in November. We are now up to the 15th. I can't drink any more. Almost all the wines tasted "vinegary." I know the difference between dry and spoiled. A few were tolerable, but there is a distinct taste when a wine is spoiling no matter when the grapes were harvested or wine bottle corked. The corks were dry and crumbled. I kept going hoping it was just one bad bottle in the bunch, but they were the same. So so very disappointed. My sister in California got this same brand at her Costco with the intent for us to facetime and critique. Her box was exactly the same. Bitter, dried corks and tasted spoiled. I love this idea, but we are going to do something different next year. An "A" for effort, but huge disappointment. Going to see if our Costco will take back. Living in California, her Costco doesn't allow the return of alcohol, but they made an exception. Yay Costco for standing by their products. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays y'all.

This site is 100% independently written by fans of Costco wines with the goal to build a community of like minded Costco wine fans, and to share great wine picks so we all can find bottles that we enjoy.

Give 24 nights of wine this year! Our wine calendar is the perfect gift to give or get this holiday season. 24 Mini Bottles (187ml each) means 24 opportunities to sip and explore your way through premium wines, sourced all the way from Spain, Sicily, California, and beyond!

Honestly, I expected to be disappointed when receiving this order. Often, what you get is nothing like what is promised. This IS NOT one of those instances. Actually, what I received was much better than my expectations. The book that comes with the advent calendar is a great add-on, especially when listing the food pairings for each wine. I would definitely order this wine advent calendar again.

Purchased this to be able to try different types of wine with my husband without committing to a full bottle of wine. The minute I received this, I realized it was so much more. The packaging alone is amazing, getting me excited for the holiday season. Also I love that it has a tasting for all the wines, giving me new ideas for dinner too.

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Sip & Savor with its portfolio encompassing more than 100 wines from around the world was born from a love of fine wines and the beauty of the California vineyard life. Join us on a tasting adventure.

What could be better for getting in the Christmas spirit than an adult advent calendar with half bottles of wine? That's right, no tiny one glass bottles in this gift. Each door includes a 375ml (half bottle) to enjoy a few glasses alone or share with someone special.

Delivered in a beautifully decorated box, the Wine Advent Calendar includes a mix of reds and whites from well known vineyards around the world. (No private label wines in this selection!)

Yes! When you proceed to checkout, there is a box which allows you to add a personal message to your wine gift. The message will be placed with your wine advent calendar so the recipient will be sure to find it.

When will the Wine Advent Calendar be shipped?The Wine Advent Calendar is available to ship now! A shipping notification will be sent to the email address provided at checkout when your calendar leaves our headquarters.

It may only be September, but it's never too early to start preparing for the holidays. There are so many traditions to get excited about, from decorating the Christmas tree to hanging up stockings. The anticipation leading up to the magic of Christmas Day might feel frustratingly long, but advent calendars are the surest way to help you get through the wait. Especially if it's an advent calendar filled with wine. This wine advent calendar for 2019 will give you a boozy head start on the holidays.

The Wine Advent Calendar is the perfect gift to give to someone (or yourself) this holiday season! You'll be able to customize the calendar during checkout with a personal message, which will be placed with the Wine Advent Calendar. Based on product reviews from customers last year who bought the gift, the Wine Advent Calendar was well received. One buyer wrote, "We loved the Wine Advent Calendar. I wasn't sure what to expect from a "beer" company, but the product exceeded expectations in quality and the diversity of wines. My husband and I looked forward to checking the box for the wine selection of the day."

There are other boozy advent calendars on the market this holiday season, so you'll have many options to choose from. Pick out the one that speaks most to you and your beverage preferences. Pip Stop's Superstar Sparkling Advent Calendar, for example, has 24 different types of white and rose sparkling wine bottles. At 125, which is around $155, the product is only available in the UK but thankfully ships overseas. Since Pip Stop's Superstar Sparkling Advent Calendar includes prosecco, cava, and champagne, you'll want to weigh in on whether or not you're more of a drinker of bubbly or wines. The decision is tough, but just remember that soon, you'll be enjoying the beverage of your choice and kicking off the countdown to Christmas. You may not have thought September was advent calendar season, but, hey, who even needs fall when you've got so much vino awaiting you in December?

The 2022 Costco Advent Wine Calendar is here! Despite the poor quality of last year's version, we decided to take one for the team and check out the 2022 version. Read on for our detailed review and brief tasting notes on each wine.

The $99.99 box, which is exclusively available at Costco, contains 24 half (375ml) bottles and comes from Flying Blue Imports. This means that all of the wines come from their portfolio. The result is that none of the wines come from recognizable producers and; in fact, they all seem to be special labels created just for this project.

SIGN UP HEREBefore we get to the wines, let's take a look at the packaging. They definitely did a nice job with little cut-outs for each day so if you want to be surprised you certainly can be.

Of course, what really matters here is the wine and in addition to the usual suspects like Cab, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc they've also included some really unique and interesting varieties and regions that have the potential to truly make this an adventure. That includes varieties like Macabeo, Fernao Pires, Saperavi and Rivaner.

One other note (written before we've tried this year's wines) as we've gotten this question a few times. If you're expecting every wine to be great, the Costco Wine Advent Calendar is not for you (witness last year's version - see below for more on that). You will undoubtedly be disappointed by what you find.

If, on the other hand, you look at this as more of a fun exploration of varieties and regions you wouldn't typically consume, then this has the potential to be lots of fun even if many of the wines are just not that great (or even downright bad).

We will say that this year's version contained mostly decent examples of many off-the-beaten path varieties and regions, so we'll take that as a win, especially considering we're talking about the equivalent of $8 bottles of wine. Hopefully they can continue the improvement for next year!

Looking for more of our favorite picks from Costco? Click the pic below to browse our multi-page listing of recommended wines along with more information on how to best shop the store!

Finally found this one at our local Costco! Today we check out the one and only Costco Wine Advent Calendar for 2021. Updated with our impressions of the wines. We tasted them all, but it does it live up to the hype?

We absolutely love Advent Calendars here at the Reverse Wine Snob household. Of course, the one calendar we could never find was the famed Costco Wine Advent Calendar. Well, this year we finally got it and we're here to tell you all about it (for better or worse). 041b061a72


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